What does it mean to 'Refresh' a battery?


Our Refresh process is a new, pulse conditioning technology that removes sulphation by breaking down the lead sulphate crystals inside the battery. This dissolves the sulphation back to its electrolyte and reforms the lead plate, increasing the surface area and performance of the battery.


What batteries can be Refreshed?


All lead acid batteries can be refreshed. This includes automotive, deep cycle, golf cart/ trundler, motorcycle, motor-homes, tractors, dry cell AGM, telecommunication and forklift batteries. Please refer to our prices page. Refreshing your own battery also comes with a 6 month warranty.


How long does a Refresh take?


Usually takes 1 night. For deep cycle batteries, the process may take 2~3 days due to various tests that we perform to ensure long life and quality.


How long will the benefits of refreshing last?


If you Refresh your battery at the RIGHT TIME, then it should last another for battery lifespan (3~5 years). We opened since 2010, and many of our initial customers have used their batteries for over 18 months and still counting! We predict most of our batteries will last an average of 2 years, with some lasting 5 years and longer.


When is the best time to Refresh my battery?


Please refer to the 'Why Refresh?' tab for a graphical explanation. Refreshing batteries with internal cell damage are less likely to return them to their original condition, so it is important to bring your battery earlier - BEFORE the damage starts setting in.


The sulphation within your battery will continuously cause damage inside your battery, reducing its capacity and leading to cell damage. Refresh your battery before cell damage occurs.


Best indicators for deep cycle batteries is when it has lost 25% of the capacity (e.g. a battery that used to run for 10 hours now only runs for 7.5 hours, or a golf trundler battery that only lasts 15 holes out of 18). If you give this battery a refresh, it will come up to at least 95% new conditions, whereas if you refresh a battery of only 50% capacity, chances are your battery will only improve to 75~80% of new conditions.


For car batteries, an indicator for a Refresh is when your engine starts slower than usual, but ideally the best time is to refresh months before this happens. If your car battery usually lasts 3 years, then bring it to us for a Refresh at 2.5 years. This way we can bring your battery to at least 95% new conditions and extend its lifespan by double. After another 2.5 years you can refresh again! And further increase its lifespan.